Remember the Achille Lauro?

The Achille Lauro was a cruise ship. Hijacked by the PLO in 1985, the terrorists demanded the ship sail to Syria, and that fifty PLO members in Israeli prisons be released. They were refused entry at Syria, so they shot a Jewish passenger named Leon Klinghoffer and threw him overboard.

Mr. Klinghoffer had been forced to retire when he had a series of strokes, and he was confined to a wheelchair. When his corpse washed ashore in Syria, an autopsy was performed. He died from drowning.

Then his murderers negotiated for safe passage to Tunisia on an Egyptian airliner. President Reagan ordered the plane intercepted. Fighters off the USS Saratoga forced the plane to divert and land in Italy. Italian and US military and police ended up in a standoff for several hours, but once that was resolved, the hijackers were tried in Italian courts.

One of them was paroled last week. We know a lot more about Islamic terror then we did back then, but we still aren’t ready to face it.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
–Albert Einstein

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  1. Edge,

    There’s a made for TV movie. I don’t think people really knew what to make of it when it happened.


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