Ladies Day

Twice a year we open the club ranges to all the women in our community for an instructional shoot. It’s gotten to be a big event. We provide range officers, instruction, ammo, firearms, and lunch. Here’s what the local newspaper had to say about Saturday’s event. I can add that everyone was safe and fun. It’s one of the most enjoyable volunteer events that we hold.

There is no substitute for practice. Learning to shoot, to clear a jam, carrying a weapon in a holster, drawing and shooting at targets, even cleaning a firearm, can only be learned by doing. Find a range, ask around, there are knowledgeable shooters that would take pleasure and pride helping you learn something about the sport.

In the meantime, if you are looking for information online, one of the best sites on the web is The Cornered Cat. It’s by women, for women, and it looks at all different aspects of firearms training, carry, and use. In fact, the more I look at the articles, I think everyone can benefit from reading what Cornered Cat has to offer.

Not me. Not mine. Not today.
–Kathy Jackson, The Cornered Cat


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  1. Cathy’s great. I recommend all women read her. She also writes for Concealed Carry magazine and a couple others. Wonderful woman, and wasn’t always a shooter.
    Shy III

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