I don’t know how it started. I heard it first from Kim Du Toit about 2004. It’s called Buy A Gun Day, and it falls every year on April 15th. Since they tax us and tax us and tax us, and then give a little back and have the temerity to call it a refund, this is one way of getting something out of it.

Because there’s something you don’t have that you want. Some hole in your safe that deserves to be filled. An item of blued steel and walnut, perhaps. Or a C&R eligible revolver that calls to you like it is the One Ring and your name is Gollum.
It burns us, we wants it, it is the Precious.

Whatever it is, take that tax refund and Buy A Gun.

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the people’s liberty’s teeth.
— Gen. George Washington, Continental Army (Ret.)


3 thoughts on “BAG Day

  1. Bought mine. It’ll be posted tomorrow. But here’s a hint… it’s just the ticket for celebrating what the 2A was originally all about.

  2. I bought a 1943 Russian Mosin Nagant rifle. Beautiful condition at a Concord, NH gun show. Took 2-3 hrs to clean all of the cosmoline out, but it is a thing of beauty. Only $110. 🙂

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