I am not alone

Here’s an essay from another old Marine. I am linking directly to This I Believe. It’s long, but before it was over I knew I had found another Marine to add to my blogroll. The long night is slowly descending, but there are still bright lights shining. The Tartan Marine, AKA the Old Jarhead is one of them.
If he happens to visit, I hope he pulls up a ammo can and hunkers down. The beer is warm, but the conversation will be first rate.

I believe that if the chips are on the table, and lives are at stake, you’d be better to have one half-dead old Marine at your side, than all the politicians and Hollywood entertainers you could cram into hell.
–The Tartan Marine


2 thoughts on “I am not alone

  1. Thanks from me too Jarhead.Another old Marine here (’83-92)who reads your blog regularly.Iw ill definitely be adding you to my blog roll.Semper Fi.

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