Sen. Grassley wants AIG Execs to repent

Now Sen. Grassley wants AIG Execs to repent, yesterday he wanted them to kill themselves.
Let’s go through this again. Totally outside any Constitutional guidelines, Congress and Pr. Obama whipped up a plan to dump hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of our money on companies in financial trouble. In the bill was the provision that bonuses agreed to before a certain date were A-OK. AIG took the money. Having $170,000,000,000 burning a hole in their pocket, they took some.
Look, I have kids in college. Let’s say I took $10,000 in $20 bills over to their house, and set it on the table and left. Later when I came back and asked what they did with it, would there be any sense at all in being outraged that they spent a thousand dollars on booze and chips? No, because I would have to be a moron to think that they would do anything else. They’re college students, spare money goes to partying.
If you’re a banking and investment executive, spare money goes in bonuses. It’s what you do. You got yourself this fat job, and you bleed off as much as you can. I don’t expect the executives to not act like executives.
I want Congress to repent, resign, appear before the American people and apologize for the disaster they have created by giving all this money to businesses. But they won’t. They’re members of Congress, and that’s all they know. Because they’ve got these fat jobs too, and they’re getting everything they can out of it. They won’t even have the decency to pretend they’re sorry and have a drink of…

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.
–Will Rogers