The effect of gun control

Read about the effects of gun control with the story of this Robbery in Britain. Here’s a bit of the article:

The incident happened on Monday as Mr Robinson left the pub in Clifton where he lives with his wife Donna, 35, and two children, aged six and four. As the landlord sat in his car the passenger door was opened and a man began to repeatedly punch him in the face. Mr Robinson said: ‘The driver’s door then opened and another was screaming at me to hand over the money. ‘I managed to push the door into him and tried to run back to the pub. But they ran over me in the car. My leg was shattered. I couldn’t get up and they stamped on my head. ‘At that point I blacked out and they took the cash from my pocket. The last thing I remember was their car screeching away.’

Wonderful. The honest shopowner is completely disarmed. The criminals now run in packs, using the strength of numbers and brute force to commit crime.

That’s the face of a victim of gun control. Remember it when Nancy Pelosi & Co. start talking about making us all safer by disarming us.

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.
–Thomas Jefferson


3 thoughts on “The effect of gun control

  1. Criminals will get firearms. Disarming the nation keeps weapons out of those who don’t rob, steal and murder. Let those who carry concealed continue to do so with their necessary background checks and licenses. If liberals continue to advocate ALL leeching off the system instead of punishing the select few, isn’t it blatant hypocrisy to take guns away from everyone? It seems to be that those who distrust the use of firearms and the right to own them are exactly the type of people who have no idea how they work, or how the process works.Nazi Pelosi can shut the hell up.

  2. “It seems to be that those who distrust the use of firearms and the right to own them are exactly the type of people who have no idea how they work, or how the process works.”I think you nailed it right there. My mom is quite squeamish on the subject, but since shooting has become a hobby for me, she’s been slowly becoming more informed on the facts, though she still remains opposed to the *idea* of guns being in her midst. To further your point about how ill-informed (even the more reasonable of folk) people are on the subject, she’s been professing her oppinion that more restrictions on handguns are needed for almost 2 years now, and up until one month ago, she was unaware that semi-auto meant one round per trigger-pull, and instead thought it was the same as automatic. Bless her heart. I suspect the Brady campaign (and others) prolific use of the term “auto-loading” is responsible.So, yeah. Word.

  3. Not to mention the wuss court system not enforcing the laws already on the books but also giving the criminal more rights than the honest citizen. You can bet in the US court Mr Robinson would have ben proven guilty for being in the wrong place and the gangstas would have got off on a technicality- like they didn’t kill the victim.Shy

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