Ted Kennedy –The Killer of Chappaquiddick

Ted Kennedy, then a married man, took a 29 year old woman from a party, drove her off a bridge, and then spent the night trying to figure out how to pretend he wasn’t involved. Mary Jo Kopechne may not have died immediately. She may have spent as long as two hours alive in the submerged car.
If he had gone to the house you could see from the bridge, she might have been rescued. But Kennedy did what Kennedy always does. He thought about his political career. He went back to the party, passing several homes, then swam back to the other island. He never reported the accident. Fishermen found the car hours later. By then, he had sobered up, but everything about this stinks. He was seen drinking heavily. He had no driver’s license. He was driving the car she died in.
Any normal man would have been charged with vehicular manslaughter. Kennedy pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury, and went on with his life. It did prevent him from making a serious run for President, but the citizens of Massachusetts, in their wisdom, have elected him over and over to be their Senator.

Here’s a good link to the details of the crime: A Profile in Cowardice. You should click that link, you can come back here later. I assure you the details paint a much worse picture than my little outline.

This is old news to many people. It happened in 1969. MaryJo has been dead a long time. So long that the Democrats, who deep sixed John Edwards for (recently) having an affair while his wife battled cancer, thought they could resurrect the Kennedys by having Teddy speak at their convention. They weren’t wrong, the only mention of it in the televised coverage was sympathy for Ted Kennedy, a polite aside concerning the damage it did to his political career.

I am outraged. Not by Ted Kennedy, nothing that bottom feeding, womanizing, boozehound of a career politician could do would surprise me. No, I am outraged by the Democratic Party, bringing Ted back, giving him a stage to continue to spew his rhetoric. Any Democrat with any honor would have walked out. I am outraged with the press, so willing to jump Pr. Bush for things he did as a young man, but unwilling to call Sen. Kennedy to account. Outraged that Massachusetts would care so little about the moral fiber of their elected leaders that they could continue to send this man to Washington D.C. to represent them.

So, in the future, when people talk about Bill Clinton, or John Edwards, you can always say, “Hey, it could have worse, all they did was have sex with young women and lie about it. They didn’t drown the girls.” Then tell them about this young lady, and how she will never receive justice.

” Senator, do you know there’s a girl found dead in your car?”
Antone Bettencourt – Chappaquiddick resident – 9:30 AM – Saturday – July 19, 1969


8 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy –The Killer of Chappaquiddick

  1. Get over it. To continue to bring up Chappaquidick after all Senator Kennedy has done for the middle class and poor…He pays every day for that one horrific day.As a man, he may not be the best, but as a senator, he’s helped more people than anyone could imagine. So step up to something more relevant or shut up. The man HAS done good work, despite his failings as a human male.Barbarahttp://ifididnthaveasenseofhumor.blogspot.com/

  2. Barbara, the reason that this won’t go away is the sense that the press is disproportionate in how they treat Republicans and Democrats. It’s a corrupt use of power by the media.There’s simply no equivalent in the GOP of the trifecta of Kennedy, Clinton (him, not her), and Edwards.There’s a post in here about how this hurts the Democrats, not the Republicans, but that will have to wait for another day. However, the point of the post was “compare the press coverage of Ted K and GWB” – you get the real deal if you play the “Word Substitution Game” and swap names.This is what makes it so funny when Obama gets outraged about the Ayers ad. If he wants to play in the Big Leagues, he should take a look at what folks dish out to GWB every day. At least the Ayers ad is completely factual.

  3. Barbara, The only thing he ever did for the middle class was use them as a tax base. He hasn’t helped anyone but himself.Don’t class him by gender or species and use that as a justification for his behavior. That’s pandering to sexism, saying he could not control himself. He doesn’t pay for it, never did. Right from the time he swam away, he was trying to figure out to limit the political damage, never any remorse.

  4. I suppose if Bush did this back in his hell raising days that would be OK too right, Babs? RIGHT?Riiiight.You people are so f—–g amazing.

  5. Well Babs, I, for one, can’t wait for the *demons* of brain cancer to set in, I hope Mary Jo haunts his every moment, I hope it torments him more than the excruciating pain.And then, when the liberal son of a bitch gets to hell, the fun can really begin in earnest… It probably is a good thing you have a sense of humor, it’s pretty obvious that your left wing love affair with the murdering bastard is alive and well…It’s a shame that Mary Jo isn’t that alive…

  6. A typical rich prick who contributed to anothers death. How many times did he perjure himself in the senate hearings? 8!!
    Mary Jo died in the backseat where she was found. Prick said she was in the front seat. Wrong! What goes on in the backseat? Hmmmm…I wonder
    Prick said the driver window was up and he could barely get the door open to get out. Wrong!! Scuba divers found it open.
    Prick said he was sober and confused due to the wounds he suffered in the wreck. Prick wore a phony neck brace at the womens funeral.
    Prick refered to “them” more than once concerning possible passengers.
    Prick later said he had memory issues and changed his story to fit his needs. Prick doesn't remember anything but details that saved his worthless ass. Selective memory happens to everyone right?
    If this ass was half the man His brother Robert Kennedy was he would have been worth talking about.
    Rest in peace Prick

  7. Barbara, you say “get over it” _ what about the dead woman? Perhaps she would have liked to have lived a FULL LIFE and helped others, perhaps she was destined to find a cure for cancer, or perhaps she was desitined to be a great Senator herself! We shall never know as Ted Kennedy chose to save his own skin by allowing Mary Joe to die! How dare YOU defend him – he lived a free and privileged man his entire life, he should have spent his life in jail, guilty of murder – May he Rot In Hell Forever.

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