House sells in Detroit for a dollar said the headline. If you click the link, what you find out is that the house had been gutted. Fixtures stolen, pipes and wiring stolen to sell for scrap, the garage burned, doors destroyed, walls and windows smashed, siding gone, fence gone, light fixtures and furnace stolen.

It’s a shell, not a home. And whoever bought it won’t be able to fix it faster than it can be gutted again. Hopeless. This is the state of our cities, and the level to which our society has collapsed.

Property crime and violent crime, often fueled by a desire to get money to buy drugs, are destroying the fabric of our cities. Politicians ignore the effects, the police know they are fighting an impossible battle, and the “War on Drugs” doesn’t do anything more than provide a pretext to erode the civil liberties of citizens.

Rome did not fall because of outside invaders. It rotted from within. But when it fell, there was a thousand years before the Renaissance.

Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos
–William Durant


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  1. Drugs like opium and cocaine were legal through 1914.Cannabis was legal through 1937.At what point did urban decay begin?Taking the money out of drug abuse is an essential step toward improving urban America.

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