Why can’t we all get along?

In addition to our current troubles trying to pacify a region that has been at war for thousands of years, the Russians have decided that now would be a good time to make an object lesson out of Georgia. No, not our Georgia. The one they used to control.

Figuring correctly that we aren’t going to intervene, and knowing that there isn’t anyone else on the planet that can take them on, Vladimir Putin has ordered a full out assault. This will result in harsh denunciations by diplomats here and there. The U.N. will work up a very strongly worded document in a month or two.

Whatever remains of Georgia will be re-assimilated, and the other former Soviet vassal states will get the message.

I don’t know if we should get involved, but I know our resources are stretched thin enough that we don’t even have the option.

The Pope? How many divisions has he got?
Josef Stalin


6 thoughts on “Why can’t we all get along?

  1. You are 100% right, we *should* do something, but WHAT?? There is NOTHING we can do for Georgia, we don’t have the whereto at this time, and NATO, well, NATO is US, if the U.S. wasn’t paying the bills NATO and the U.N. would cease to exist.In other words, NATO is a toothless tiger, the damned Europeans and the Balkans have always just rolled over and gave in to ANY attacker, that’s the way it rolls in that region. Russia has been quietly and patiently rebuilding, because they SAW what we have running the USA, they SEE the libtards that would STILL dismantle our military and Intel services if allowed to. And Russia is doing the only thing they can do, they acted, in what they believe to be THEIR own interest.Until Great Britain and the USA BOTH grow a set, that’s how it’s gonna go down again.

  2. Forget Britain. Chance of them growing a set is zero. Hard enough here.And NATO is designed to be an “entangling alliance” – to give the euros leverage over us.There are a lot of europeans who would be real allies, but don’t want to speak up because of the EU climate. The only way to bring them out publicly as pro-american is to pull out.

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