Range Day

Saturday, sunny, high 70s. I met my son Joe and my friend Dan at the range. Dan brought a Garand. Joe brought a Mauser. I brought TRNOW and a 1903A3. Here they are side by side.
Ammo was consumed. Noise was made. Holes were made in targets. Here’s a 5 shot group shot prone with a sling. Not quite one ragged hole in the X, but I’m improving.
And here I am, slung up. Rifle built on old military receiver, old military blanket, old military shooting blouse, old cotton military sling. There’s some sort of theme here. springfield1

The Rifle No One Wanted

I have a friend that is selling out his collection. He is older, has had two heart attacks, and has a wife with disabilities. He has seen it happen before. An older shooter dies, his wife and family have no idea, and all his “best friends” show up to help the widow with the collection. So he decided to sell them now, before they were in the safe for his family to deal with.

I’m not involved, another club member with a lot more experience is helping him. I’m not buying, either. This stuff was out of my price range. Colt Python, O/U shotguns, custom 1911s, Tubbs rifle in 6mm-br, lots of other rifles, everything in good shape, with excellent scopes, and so on.

Anyway, there was one that didn’t sell. An orphan rifle. Too modified to interest a military collector, and not modern or custom enough for the guys in the arms race that “F” Class has become.

It’s a 1903A3 from 1943, taken when they sold for about $25.00 and modified to be a long range rifle. Laminated stock, heavy barrel, aftermarket trigger, Redfield sights, and so on. It was a project gun, something to do to see what could be done with 30.06.

He brought it over and offered it to me as a surprise. I installed the sights last night, took it to the range this afternoon with some reloads. Here’s my first 100 yard group. 1st_100yd_tgt_sm

And here’s the rifle no wanted.Old_rifle1_sm

By the end of the afternoon my face hurt from grinning.

Fort Hood Redux

A base full of soldiers. Many of the them combat veterans. Unarmed by laws and regulations. A gun-free target rich environment for the one guy for whom laws and regulations make no difference.

And how did it end? It ended like it always does. When good guys with guns showed up, it was over.

The shooter should have gotten off exactly one aimed shot before everyone else in range had engaged him. There would be a lot less dead and wounded.

Arm the good guys. Because otherwise this will just happen again. We are in a situation where soldiers are being killed on bases because politicians decided that guns were too icky and scary for soldiers to carry.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The Malaysian Airlines flight has been missing since March 8th. The one thing we know for certain is that there a lot of trash in the ocean.

The one we’re pretty sure of is that the pilot was involved in the disappearance. A pilot who had been playing with fairly high end flight simulators and then deleting the files. What was he practicing for? If he just wanted to dump an airplane full of people in the ocean, he already had the controls, it didn’t require anything special.

So here’s a thought I’ve been having for some time. I’m not the only one, Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. McInerney has been saying it in the press.

Say the pilot turned off his electronic equipment, got down low or in the radar shadow of another flight, and took the plane somewhere. Somewhere like Pakistan, for example. The question no one quite answered was why.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons. What they lack is delivery devices. That plane could already be painted to match some other country’s planes. Electronics readied to either mimic or replace an expected flight out of Jinnah. Then you pick the destination. I’d suspect Israel. How close does that get it before it diverts from an expected flight path?

And if they have a plane, they have a pilot.

California Democratic Senator Leland Yee

“A California state senator who authored gun control legislation asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.”


It would kinda go without saying he’s a Democrat. What is interesting is that what was being offered was automatic weapons and missile launchers in return for campaign contributions, with the weapons coming from Muslim extremists in the Philippines.